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Motorcycles, car doors and other opportunities for injury

Illinois can be very cold in the winter, but milder temperatures still exist now and then, and if you are a motorcycle rider, you will likely be out and about.

You must remain alert at all times because people's brains often do not process the presence of smaller moving objects like motorcycles. Here are three situations that could result in serious injury.

A motorist turning left

One of the most common car-motorcycle accidents involves a motorist turning left in front of you as you approach an intersection. Perhaps you are momentarily out of view behind a large sign or some bushes. Otherwise, the deliberate left turn is a perfect example of a driver not seeing you because he or she expects to see a car or a truck but not a motorcycle.

There is not much you can do about this situation except to be especially alert to the possibility of a collision and prepare to take evasive action.

A collision from behind

Another intersection issue is getting hit from behind by a driver who is traveling too fast or simply not paying attention. Always watch what is going on behind you when you stop at a light or stop sign. Leave yourself some room, keep your motorcycle in gear and be ready to move quickly if necessary.

A driver opening a car door

Another potentially devastating type of collision occurs when someone in a parked vehicle who does not see you coming opens the car door and prepares to step out. If you are riding too close to the parked car and traffic has you hemmed in, you may have no choice but to run straight into the door--and possibly the person exiting the car. Avoid this calamity by riding only in the active lane of traffic and at least a door's length away from a line of parked cars.

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