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Understanding premise liability in Illinois

Accidents occur every day, and some leave people with extensive physical, emotional and financial burdens. Thankfully, a personal injury claim can help to alleviate some of that stress.

To create a successful claim, it is important to understand the aspects of the process. In particular for premise liability claims in Illinois, there are a few important things to be aware of. 

Motorcycles, car doors and other opportunities for injury

Illinois can be very cold in the winter, but milder temperatures still exist now and then, and if you are a motorcycle rider, you will likely be out and about.

You must remain alert at all times because people's brains often do not process the presence of smaller moving objects like motorcycles. Here are three situations that could result in serious injury.

How to identify symptoms of whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most common complications people experience following an auto accident. Recently, a bus traveling in Machesney Park got into an accident with another vehicle with no one reporting severe injuries. However, one passenger did report feeling whiplash after the collision. 

Following a car accident, you need to see a doctor right away. It is typical to feel okay, but the rush of adrenaline could prevent you from experiencing all the symptoms present. While some people feel better from whiplash after a couple weeks, other individuals may require more extensive treatments to find relief. Here is what you need to know about whiplash, so you can do what is best for your health.

3 common causes of truck tire blowouts

When you are on the road, you need to be constantly aware of the drivers around you and any potential risk they pose. As a responsible driver, you probably know to be particularly careful around 18-wheelers. There are many reasons why semi-trucks are liable to be dangerous; drivers might be sleepy, they cannot slow down as quickly as cars and, of course, they are far bigger than other vehicles on the road.

These are just a few reasons why it is so treacherous when an 18-wheeler experiences a blown-out tire. A blowout can easily cause an accident, and it is more common than you might think. Consider the following reasons why semi-trucks often experience tire blowouts that can cause accidents. 

Are ridesharing drivers drowsy behind the wheel?

Ridesharing has become quite popular in recent years. As it grows in popularity, one important issue is what impacts it is having on traffic safety. A recent warning issued by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine raises questions as to what effects ridesharing is having on the prevalence of drowsy driving out on the roads.

NIU fraternity and sorority members sued after hazing death

When your teen enters their first year at college, you hope that they will make new friends, join campus organizations and dive deep into their studies. One of your hopes for them could be that they get involved in Greek life.

However, when it comes to Greek organizations, you may have heard horror stories about prospective hopefuls being hazed by the organizations’ members. One such horror story became two parents’ worst nightmare, proving that hazing can have deadly consequences.

The driving distractions you might not have noticed

We all do things behind the wheel other than drive. Your mind probably isn’t focused on the road one-hundred percent of the time. However, distracted driving doesn’t just count the dangers of texting. Anything that takes your mind, eyes or hands away from the road can create a serious hazard.

While you might try to be as responsible as you can, you might not have thought about a few common things that inhibit your safety. Because one out of 10 fatal crashes involves distracted driving, it’s essential to be aware of how the following activities could put you, your passengers and other motorists at risk.

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