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NIU fraternity and sorority members sued after hazing death

When your teen enters their first year at college, you hope that they will make new friends, join campus organizations and dive deep into their studies. One of your hopes for them could be that they get involved in Greek life.

However, when it comes to Greek organizations, you may have heard horror stories about prospective hopefuls being hazed by the organizations’ members. One such horror story became two parents’ worst nightmare, proving that hazing can have deadly consequences.

The driving distractions you might not have noticed

We all do things behind the wheel other than drive. Your mind probably isn’t focused on the road one-hundred percent of the time. However, distracted driving doesn’t just count the dangers of texting. Anything that takes your mind, eyes or hands away from the road can create a serious hazard.

While you might try to be as responsible as you can, you might not have thought about a few common things that inhibit your safety. Because one out of 10 fatal crashes involves distracted driving, it’s essential to be aware of how the following activities could put you, your passengers and other motorists at risk.

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